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A Differentiated Team

Founded by a former Yale University researcher turned technology entrepreneur, we are a team of highly talented scientists and engineers experienced in both data science and custom software development. We work closely with you to capture and analyze your data and build cutting-edge enterprise solutions.

Our Services

Data Science

Our first step is to understand your problem, develop a roadmap, collect and clean data, find patterns, then develop models that provide powerful tools for a range of uses from classification to prediction.

Software Development

We work hard to understand your needs then implement an iterative plan to take your project through the stages of design, architecture, development and deployment into a production environment.

Why Choose East Rock Software?


  • Founded by a former Yale machine learning and robotics researcher
  • Creative thinking that infuses value at all levels of a project
  • Entrepreneurial mindset holding your best interests paramount


  • Data Science: python, pandas, and scikit
  • Backend: Rails, Java, C++
  • Frontend: Javascript, JQuery, React
  • Platforms: AWS, Heroku, Salesforce
  • Blockchain: Solidity, C++ for EOS


  • CTO mindset having built multiple mission-critical applications
  • 15+ years experience building in a wide range of technologies
  • Successfully helped 30+ startups, leading US brands and non-profits

Client Focused

  • Weekly scrum meetings to review the project's status
  • Direct access to the engineering team
  • Transparent reporting so you retain maximum visibility
  • We focus on results not just technology

Leading the Team

Stephen Robinson, PhD

Yale researcher, serial entrepreneur, and CTO, Steve has built and architected a range of mission-critical applications (from Netjets to the Fortune 500). He has helped fintech, green-tech, finance and medical companies build world-class engineering teams by approaching hiring as an engineering challenge.


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