Finding the Talent Needle in the Data Haystack

An engineering approach to finding the best talent.

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Technical Recruitment

We're developers with hands-on experience in the technologies, frameworks, and cultures of the tech industry. Trust us to understand what you're looking for so we can find it for you. It takes one to know one.


Finding your ideal job is equal parts analytics and emotions. Founded by a Yale University Researcher, our team understands the dynamics between the two. Work with us to build a strong career with both sides of your brain happy.

Machine Learning

Finding the right opportunity is a data challenge. We augment our research with cutting-edge tools, systems, and algorithms to find you a perfect match. A career-mentoring robot, but with feelings.

Leading the Team

Steve Robinson, PhD

Yale researcher, turned serial entrepreneur and CTO, Steve has built and architected a range of mission critical applications (from Netjets to the Fortune 500). He has helped fintech, green-tech, finance and medical companies build world class engineering teams by approaching hiring as relationship building empowered by technology.


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