Ruby on Rails ~ React ~ Data Science ~ Machine Learning

Technology Leadership

Stephen Robinson, PhD - winner of the Yale Entrepreneurship competition,

former Yale researcher, and founder of East Rock Software.

Technology Strategy

Founded and worked with multiple companies at all stages to build out great technology.


Experts in multiple systems and languages from Ruby on Rails, React, Node, Electron to Python.

Machine Learning

From a Covid-19 tracker for Yale SOM to Machine Learning for the finance industry.

Sourcing Talent

Built our own A.I. powered candidate sourcing system to boost applicants for your jobs.

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Virtual CTO

Building technology is hard. It takes years of experience and judgment at every step to ensure that you are getting the most from your investment. We've worked with small startups to Fortune 100 companies and understand how to build technology and teams. 

Application Development

Ruby on Rails

Ruby on Rails

We've been building Ruby on Rails applications since 2006 - winning the Google project of the month through to building out complex CRM systems. Since then we've worked with clients on a range of enterprise applications including hosting a leading Ruby on Rails job board.

React Node Electron

React, Node, Electron

We have experience building react applications that work both in the browser but also embedded in client-side application frameworks such as Electron. By supporting multiple delivery targets we maximize the utility of the codebase, speed to market, as well as maintainability.

Data Science

Data Science

We've worked with Tableau, PowerBI, and other visual representation packages to showcase and explore data for our clients. Our latest project was for Yale University's School of Management, enhancing their visualization of covid data tracking.

Machine Learning

Machine Learning

Got lots of business knowledge locked up in your data? Let us explore how we can leverage that information to enhance your business and turbocharge reaching your goals. Focus your time and energy where it counts.

Sourcing Talent

We help internal hiring teams with talent strategy, sourcing quality candidates, and full recruiting services depending on the needs of the specific engagement.

Sourcing Talent

Success Stories

Our differentiated approach and hard work brings results

Frequent Questions

Picking the wrong technology at the start of project can cause continued problems throughout the life of the project. The selection is driven by many other questions. How interactive do you want the site to be? What SEO needs will it have? Do you want to build a mobile app, and how can you reuse code? Should you use a typed or non-typed language? What is the eco-system for the libraries and tool? It's not just about features.

Data is one of the most valuable commodities a company owns and can help answer important business questions. What drives your customers? What information about their habits do you already have? How can you use that information in sophisticated ways to differentiate the value you can provide? You need a team with engineering experience to be able to capture that data from internal and external sources and then be able to transform that with the right tools to give you the edge over your competitors.

You might find yourself competing for talent with bigger companies, and in part that's because they understand the steps needed to be successful and how to execute them quickly. There's a lot more to building a team than putting up a job post. It comes down to i) scoping the role appropriately ii) marketing and sourcing the right matches for this position iii) undertaking effective technical evaluation iv) being able to see an opportunity and move on it quickly. Each step requires a mix of smarts, judgement and experience to complete well. We help you at each stage.

There are many benefits of having your own development team in-house, but it's also equally important to understand that there are times when this process needs to be bootstrapped or augmented with additional development support. As a startup goes from the ideas phase, to MVP, to hiring their first full time team it's important to understand the balance between different hourly costs and the commitments needed to bring on truly great developers.

At the core, building amazing technology is part creative experience and part execution. For developers, the execution step is an almost meditative experience of flow where they are deeply immersed in the task of crafting code, something that remote work can really facilitate. On the other hand, creative interaction, keeping on-track and personal preferences and circumstances can also weigh in. Being effective requires a mix of the right tools and processes to balance both these important factors.

The first step to understand if you're paying too much for your development is to break it down into two simpler and easier to analyze questions i) what is your development need in specific hours (hours of design, frontend, backend, maintenance, etc.)? ii) what's the most efficient way to source quality development hours for each of these elements? Although seemingly simple, by breaking up the what and the how, a team can start to really understand their short, mid and longer term needs and better plan for how to efficiently achieve them without compromising on quality. 

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